The Hotelier is a full-function, integrated multi-module Property Management Suite that manages complete hotel functions including front office & reservations, food & beverages, banquets, inventory, guest services, financial accounting, payroll management, engineering & maintenance, housekeeping, and covers real-time business intelligence to enable fast decision-making


How does it benefits you

  • Easy to deploy
  • Better financial management
  • Helps keep track of inventory
  • Puts total control in your hands
  • Trusted and dependable
  • Grows with you

In the immensely competitive hospitality inducts, the decisive edge comes not merely from the luxuries on offer. Equally, or perhaps even more important, is the quality of customer service. Consistently high standards of customer service demand absolute control over a whole host of functions and processes, much like that of conducting an orchestra to create a fine symphony.

The Hotelier from Data Devices is designed to facilitate efficient management of entire hotel operations so as to achieve, and sustain, exceptional standards of seance.

The Hotelier offers integrated and updated information across your entire business for enhanced accounting.